ETS KTM Route Map

Welcome fellow travellers!  Are you planning to travel with your friends and family within the Peninsular Malaysia? You and your travel-mates do not own any vehicles, or even if you own one, neither anyone of you wants to drive in the highway paying extra toll fees, and got caught in a traffic jam along the highway for hours and delayed your travelling schedule? Travelling by bus may also get caught in the bad traffic along the highway during festive seasons and public holidays.

Worry not! Travelling by train within Malaysia can avoid all such problems. By booking your train ticket here, you can now save more time and energy and plan your travelling schedule nicely WITHOUT paying extra toll fees, wasting your petrol fuel and

You can now reach your destination on time without any delay now! How come no delay? This is because the train travels using a special separate route from conventional transportation such as lorries, trucks, cars, bikes and buses, which shares the same highway. Trains travel by railway and stops within inter-stations between it to pick and drop passengers.

The schedule for the trains in Malaysia may seem to be quite complicated and fuzzy without understanding the Malaysia Peninsular Map. Kindly refer to the picture below to understand briefly on the popular ETS Stations in Malaysia.

[Picture – credits given to KTMB for illustrating …..]

Based on the image above, Gemas is the main center hub that connects to Butterworth, Padang Besar, JB Sentral and Tumpat.

From Gemas stations, there are 4 train routes, namely;

  1. Gemas to Padang Besar (click here)
  2. Gemas to Butterworth (click here)
  3. Gemas to JB Sentral (click here)
  4. Gemas to Tumpat (click here)


f you only want to know the earliest ETS Train schedule everyday, you can refer to this page.

If you only want to know the last ETS Train schedule everyday, you can refer to this page.

If you only want to know the ETS Train schedule on the weekend, you can refer to this page.


If you have never book ETS Train Ticket online before, you can refer to this step-by-step guide on how to book KTM ETS Ticket Online.

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