ETS Facilities

Electronic Train Service (ETS) offers world class and top-notch services and facilities to all travellers that travel by train. It is the one and only train service provider in Malaysia that gives the best of the best facilities to its passengers.

30 degrees seating

All seats installed can slide backwards to a maximum of 30 degrees. This allows the passengers to rest or sleep comfortably. When the passenger in front slides 30 degrees, the passenger behind will not be disturbed as the spacing between every seats is big enough.

Power outlet

Running out of battery? Or you are in need of power source to charge your mobile and electronic devices? Kindly approach the train attendant to seek assistance.

Since the journey in the train can be quite long, why not charge your devices on the way you travel?


Feeling bored from the long distance travel? Passengers can now watch FREE movie shown in the LED TV in every couch! There is even subtitles for every movies displayed. The movies shown are good movies. It is excellent to kill some time and boredom while you are in this train.

The LED TV also shows the next station, train speed and other information in REAL-TIME!

Disabled Access Friendly

For disabled individuals, do not worry about travelling by this train. The train has been engineered for safety and easy access for every individuals! The elevation of the ground is flat.


All coach in the train are air-conditioned. Whether you are travelling day or night, passengers will always be feeling cool. It can be quite cold at certain time. Thus, remember to bring along your sweater.

Café Deli

Feeling hungry or thirsty? Then head on to the Café Deli in Coach C! Travellers can taste delicious and yummy local delicacies, such as “nasi lemak” or other beverages. Mineral water is also provided.

Travellers can also bring your own food and eat at your own seating, not necessarily purchase and eat at the café.


All coach in the train have CCTV installed for security reasons. Thus, it is very safe to travel by train, but of course, travellers are still reminded to be cautious for any pickpockets. Travellers are advised to be alert and attentive to their surroundings, luggages and belongings.

Surau/Prayer Room

For travellers that need to perform prayers, they can head to the “Surau” (also known as prayer room) to perform their daily prayers.

So fellow travellers, what are you waiting for? Book your ETS Train Ticket NOW!