3 Classes of ETS Train

Class Number of Stops Time-Efficiency Price Availability
Silver Highest Slowest Cheap Anytime
Gold Moderate Medium Medium Peak time
Platinum Lowest Fastest Expensive Peak time

Summary table of the classes of ETS Train

Silver Class

Silver class train stops at every KTM stations to drop and picks up passengers. Because it stops at every station, this class is usually the slowest among other classes. Also, this class is available throughout the day.

This class of train is generally the cheapest compared to the other two classes. If you are not in a hurry and under tight-budget constraint, this class is the best option among all.

Gold Class

Gold class train stops at selected popular KTM stations. Overall, it does stops lesser KTM stations compared to silver class. You can save slightly more time compared to silver class.

Due to its time-efficiency, this class cost a little bit more compared to silver class. The price is also slightly higher compared to silver class. This class is only available at certain time of the day only. But rest assured, the price is affordable if you want a balance between time-efficiency and affordable budget.

Platinum Class

Platinum class train has limited stops between the KTM stations. This class only stops at the popular and high volume visitor stations. Not all KTM stations have this Platinum class due to its local demand.

In terms of time-efficiency, travellers can be guaranteed to arrive at their destination in the shortest possible time. If you are in a hurry, or you can only travel during the peak hours, this class is for you! Although the price is quite expensive, it is worth it for busy people that wants to save time.

In terms of service, all three classes are equally good. All facilities offered in the ETS Train are top notch and world class service. Click here to find out more on the facilities offered in the train.